Banat Collective is a creative community made in response of a lack of artist spaces and lack of discussions womanhood within the arts in the MENA region. Our platform aims to support creatives seeking to produce, collaborate and share their work with the world.

We believe that a discussion of intersectionality, feminism, gender and identity politics from a 'middle-eastern' perspective is becoming increasingly relevant and important. Banat Collective offers a space for discussion and creation and to address these questions and issues that course through our everyday lives.

Through poetry, art, music and many other forms of expression, Banat Collective seeks to provide a true representation of women who are from or living in MENA. In a time where constant media misrepresentation fills our news feeds, the collective seeks to counter this by showcasing honest and authentic work from around the world through online content, print, exhibition-making and events.



Sara Bin Safwan  Founder & Curator
Eman Bahrani  Editor
Aliyah Al Awadhi  Editor
Farrah Fray  Social Media Manager
Fatema Nooh — Graphic Designer

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Logo Credits  Rama Duwaji

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