Meet Our Editors

Banat Collective is finally expanding it's team to bring you more content about your favorite artists and art happenings! I would like to welcome Aliya Al Awadhi and Eman Bahrani to the team. 



Eman Bahrani is a 19 years old Bahraini student attending a Public Health course in Qatar University in which she is a member of an Astronomy Club. She is a professional multi-tasker and a slow book reader. On most days, she sees words in her mind’s eye swarming before her till she writes them down and shares the poetry with her friends. Sometimes, her fingers twitch and she can almost trace a sketch for a painting in the air. She loves logging on YouTube to find new music but always ends up either on the weird side or the physics channels. Hangouts with her involve museums, galleries or movie theaters. 

Eman always tries to find something new to do every summer. Last year, she joined an indoor graffiti class, but she would rather pet dogs than tag walls in the heat. This year, however, she is working at a call center. After customers drain her social battery by the end of the shift, she falls into a Wikipedia wormhole till she recharges to socialize again.


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An Animation Design major at Zayed University, she lives in Abu Dhabi, and has lived here her whole life. She mainly works with mixed media as an art form, and is also an illustrator and a poet. She describes some of her art as Arab Feminism; mainly in that it deals with ideas that plague women in Arab societies, like the odd dichotomy between oversexualizing women but then alternately wanting to hide them away and secure their “purity”. She has also dabbled in performance art in and around Manarat Al Saadiyat. 
She has been exhibited at the French Alliance and has also volunteered for Abu Dhabi Art, doing curatorial work. 

She has also been a regular poetry performer at Rooftop Rhythms and has also won competitions with her writings, including being published in the UAE's first crowd-sourced book, "Soul Beats".