image by Aruua Al Salami


Through the theme: 'Coming of Age', Banat Collective would like to invite all artists to retrace their memories and revisit the journey of transitioning from a young girl to becoming a woman (or otherwise). We want to explore the meanings and rituals of this change that may differ from person to person and culture to culture. The ‘Coming of Age’ theme is a perfect start off point to show that women are resilient, unique, and are too many great things to say in just a few words.

The outcome of the project will be a printed book, a collection of your stories presented in a visual narrative. This project will exist in the ‘real’ world and showcase why Banat Collective was created in the first place: a space where creatives from all over the world are able to connect and transcend physical space by using the Internet. We are excited to see what everyone comes up with and go through this creative journey together!

To submit your work, please visit the link below. If you have any questions about this project, feel free to drop us a line on or on our Twitter or Instagram.  

Key words to help you get inspired!

Confusion, Awkwardness, Innocence (or loss of), Decisions, Priorities, Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Skepticism, Growth, Misunderstood, Underrepresented, Joy, Creativity, Friendship, Nostalgia, Memories, Pressure, Spontaneous, Trial & Error, Experimenting, No fear of not knowing, Thinking you know it all, Curiosity, Longing for the unknown, Emotional, Search for Identity, Playful, Laughter, In-between, Lost, Minority, Transformation, Rites of Passage, Rebellion, Self-Discovery, Journey, Truth, Home


Submission Guidelines:

  • The call is open to all artists, writers, curators etc. who’s work can be put into print for example, photography, illustration, non-video works, painting, writing, collage, mixed-media etc!
  • We will accept English and Arabic work. (Application must be written in English)
  • Work must have been made or released in the year of 2017.
  • We require high quality and high-res images of your work (300 dpi and above)
  • All written works may be a maximum of 500 words.
  • Writers may submit up to 3 pieces of writing. Only one might be chosen.
  • Visual artists may send up to 3 pieces of work maximum. A series will be regarded as one work. Only one might be chosen. Please specify if a work has to be shown together. 
  • Deadline is at midnight, 10th of October 2017.
  • You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the outcome of your submission by 1st of November.
  • If you require any assistance, please don't be afraid to contact us via e-mail, Instagram or Twitter.


  • You understand that by submitting your work to Banat Collective, you agree to give us permission to use your written text or image for printing, web and marketing purposes.
  • Should your work be used for book cover or any marketing scheme you will be contacted before hand.
  • By submitting your work you understand that your written work may be subjected to minor grammatical or spelling errors. If your work requires heavy changes, we will contact you. 
  • By submitting your work you understand that your visual work may require small lighting corrections in the case of print. We will not in any case dramatically change your piece.

Look forward to seeing your work!

Banat Collective