WHO can get involved?
This collective will aim to stay local in the UAE, however - if you reside outside and are in the MENA region, you still have a chance to get featured and be apart of the collective! All nationalities are accepted :)

We are also open to all genders despite being a female-driven collective. We believe that the discussion should be open to everyone who is interested in a healthy and creative way to talk about feminism, its place in the arab world, and other related topics.

So this includes women, men and everything inbetweeen ond outwards.

WHAT can get involved?
Poets, writers, performers, painters, photographers, sculptors, designers, illustrators, thinkers, curators, dreamers are all welcome!

HOW can I get involved?
If you wish to get involved with BANAT collective follow these steps to ensure we hear from you:
  1. Have your work ready. Either in a PDF file, .zip file, collection of images, website portfolio, blog, Instagram - wherever it is, make sure we can see it!

  2. Write to us about yourself, your name, who you are, where are you, what is your work about, why do you want to get involved with BANAT? As a collective, we aim to create real social relationships with other creatives - don't be shy! Feel free to include all your social media accounts so we can find you quickly and follow you back.

  3. Send it all to