Might be a late post but - we can not ignore the fact that it has been a rollercoaster of a month for art exhibitions by amazing independent initiatives supporting Asian/Arab/Muslim/Women creatives. Here's a round up of the shows we think you should see (if they are still on and if you are ever in the area), and be sure to go and support these initiatives by following them!  Click the titles or images to get to their sites. 

Reconnecting Arts

"Reconnecting Arts an artist led platform presents, TRANSITION a showcase of over 30 emerging Middle Eastern Artists reflecting on the ways transition has taken place in their life. These artists explore topics and issues that shape the lives of Middle Eastern artists both locally and internationally. The exhibition showcases a diverse and refreshing selection of work that encourages dialogue about the power of connection and the complexities of change geographically, personally or artistically." 


"Variant Space is a groundbreaking collective of Muslim female artists, which aims to shatter misconceptions held about Muslim women, and more generally about Islam. By providing a platform, Variant Space helps Muslim female artists to showcase their talents and in doing so, to tell the world their authentic stories. The work of the Variant Space artists is a breath of fresh air as it highlights the true social fluidity and diversity among Muslim women, which is so often lost in the heated debate about their role and rights."

Feminisms x The Arab and Muslim Diaspora 

Protein Studios presents Feminisms x The Arab Muslim Diaspora, curated by Loren Elhili and Susanna Pousette. This exhibition challenges the stereotypical representations of Arab/Muslim women and opens a critical discussion on the role of 'Arab/Muslim feminism' in the social and political narrative of today.


Glory in dis Honour "aims to tackle the taboos around the sexual nature of Muslim women as well as celebrate us to our very core through sisterhood. It also seeks to destroy the remnants of control these women feel when trying to express themselves due to patriarchal bonds that stunt their growth." 


The Beauty of being British Asian just recently closed their exhibition in London bringing together a community of British-Asian artists to explore the highs and lows of their own dual-heritage. A much needed exhibition to showcase emerging contemporary British-Asian artists in the UK.



Khidr Collective, "A collective of young Muslim artists & organisers. Creating more spaces & platforms for our diverse communities." They have just announced their new issue surrounding the theme of healing in times of global inequality. Be sure to check them out as they are an initiative that highly devotes themselves to supporting cultural production and give a voice to those unheard.