In The Middle of It All Announcement


The topic of ‘coming of age’ is overlooked in the Arab world, being rebranded and constructed by centuries of cultural and social tradition. Despite this, the trials of womanhood uncover happiness, resilience and independence. We are glad to announce the release of our first collaborative project - In The Middle of It All, a visual book that narrates the intricacies of growing up as a girl through 5 chapters and 31 collaborators. The book features photography, poetry, illustrations, stories, collages, mixed media and audio. Banat Collective are excited to bring this project to the world as an effort to support the arts, intersectionality in the Arab world and the many, diverse and independent voices of women. 

Please look forward to being able to buy the book on this February through our website. Follow us through our social media channels to keep tuned of the release. The profit gained from the sales will directly be used for future Banat Collective projects like these. 

Thank you to the Banat Team, the artists and supporters.

Sara Bin Safwan
Founder & Curator

Introduction written by:
Sara Bin Safwan

Featuring works by:
Aliyah Al Awadhi, Alya Osman, Amira Al Awadhi, Aruua Al Salami, Carla Menas, Cherry Kutti, Dana Abu Ali, Eman Bahrani, Farrah Fray, Hanan Issa, Huda Ali, Jana Ghalyini, Juma Harding-Dimmock, Leena Aboutaleb, Hanaa Al Fassi, Lubna Hoque, Manar Khalid, Moshtari Hilal, Munira Al Sayegh, Nasima Ahmed, Nasreen Al Lail, Rawa Majdi, Reem Al Suwaidi, Sarah Ahmed, Sarah Eleid, Sarraa Abdulaziz, Shamsa Hasher, Shawk Alani, Yasmine, Zeinab Al Radhi, Zuhoor Al Sayegh

Cover artwork by:
'Ward Al Majnoon' photographic series by Jana Ghalayini

Book designed by:
Fatema Nooh